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Aggressive, holistic criminal defense can be had

Being accused of a crime can fill an individual with anxiety. This is understandable. After all, a conviction on criminal charges can result in harsh penalties that can have long-lasting consequences. For example, an individual may wind up facing the possibility of months or even years behind bars. He or she may also end up being slapped with large fines and irreparable damage to his or her reputation.Although prosecutors typically aggressively pursue criminal charges, even if through plea negotiations, strong criminal defenses may be available to accused individuals depending on the circumstances at hand. This is why whether an individual is facing relatively minor criminal charge or something serious, he or she should consider how best to present legal arguments that seek to avoid these damaging penalties.This is where the help of a qualified a criminal defense attorney may prove beneficial. The legal team at our firm is well-versed in the various defense strategies as they relate to criminal law. This means that we diligently work to not only assess the facts at hand but also to utilize those facts and the law to build compelling and persuasive arguments. We thoroughly identify and question witnesses, gather relevant documentary evidence, and zealously advocate for our clients in both the negotiation room and the courtroom.Developing a sound legal strategy to defend you against criminal charges can be enormously complicated. The rules of evidence and trial, in association with applicable statutory in case law, can muddle issues making them ripe for legal argument. This is why it is often advisable to seek legal assistance from a skilled criminal defense attorney before proceeding with your criminal case.

What if you receive a citation for violating liquor code?

For an establishment that serves alcohol, losing a liquor license is incredibly detrimental and may even ruin your business. In Pennsylvania, it is the Pennsylvania State Police, Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement (PSP BLCE) that enforces liquor license violations.

A business may lose its liquor license for many reasons. Below are three common violations.

Child custody and visitation: what is bird nesting?

Divorce can be a stressful process for anyone, but it can be even more so for children. Kids oftentimes don't have any concept that their parents are even capable of breaking up, so the sudden shift in relationship and their own living environment can leave them emotionally and physically changed. Of course, most parents want to prevent this harm as much as possible. One way to do so is to make the process amicable while retaining as much routine as possible.

One way to do this is to engage in "bird nesting." This phrase refers to a process where parents retain the family home, share the expense of a second residence, and then rotate in and out of the familial home to stay with the children. Therefore, a father may stay with his kids in the familial home for two weeks while the mother stays in an apartment, then the mother will move into the home with the kids for two weeks while the father stays at the apartment.

Where to start with new company handbook

Your company has grown from just a few employees and family members to an expanding concern and now it's time to get serious about creating an employee handbook. Where do you start?

First, you need a good idea about what you want to achieve with the handbook. An employee handbook should prevent problems, ensure consistent treatment and provide legal protection for your company.

Pennsylvania's law on forgery

Forgery is a serious criminal offense in Pennsylvania. Those who are convicted of this crime can face significant penalties, including jail time, fines, and damage to their reputation, and one of these convictions can also be used against an individual in future legal matters to show that he or she lacks truthfulness. So, there is often a lot at stake when an individual is charged with forgery, which is why they need to understand the law as fully as possible, how it applies to their situation, and how best to use it to their advantage.

Under Pennsylvania law, forgery occurs when an individual alters the writing of another without that individual's consent, creates a writing and presents it as if it were the writing of another, or uses a writing he or she knows to be forged. Before a conviction can be obtained, though, the prosecution must show that the defendant committed one of these acts with the intent to defraud or harm another. In many cases forgery is seen when individuals pass of checks that are purported to be payable to them, when in fact those checks are either fake or the signature was forged.

Business law and the importance of debt financing

Starting a business can be a tricky endeavor. Those who are successful in doing so can feel an enormous sense of pride, as they should, since this is a big accomplishment. However, business troubles don't end with the successful creation of a business. Instead, they are oftentimes just beginning. Knowing how to handle these matters in a way that protect your and your business's best interests is imperative to surviving in today's cutthroat business world.

One important issue to be familiar with is debt financing. Generally speaking, there are only two ways to raise capital to fund a business, whether it be for its initial creation or for ongoing operations. The first is through equity financing. Here, a company sells stocks and stockholders become owners of the company. While these stockholders have a financial interest in the company, they are not guaranteed their money back. In fact, if the company in question were to go bankrupt, shareholders would be the very last to receive a payout.

Studies show cohabitation increase risk of divorce

For decades, people have wondered whether living together before tying the knot increases or decreases the risk of divorce. Some say that living together first gives couples the opportunity to truly get to know each other, while others claim point to studies, including a recent one, that claim that cohabitation actually increases the chances of marriage dissolution. Yet, there still appear to be discrepancies with regard to how cohabitation affects marriage.

One reason cited by researchers is because the data doesn't always account for a couple's long-term intent when they move in together. For example, those couples who move in after getting engaged know that they are committing themselves to a long-term relationship. Other couples, though, may move in together only to argue about the future of their relationship when expectations clash.

Car accidents and whiplash

Individuals who have been involved in a car accident usually know that the injuries suffered in these wrecks can fall anywhere on a spectrum of severity. At one end are those injuries that are debilitating and have life-long impacts. These injuries include brain and spinal cord injuries, which can leave a victim paralyzed and with significantly diminished cognitive abilities. Most of these individuals require long-term care and usually cannot work to support themselves.

While these injuries deserve a lot of attention, so do injuries that are nearer to the other end of the spectrum. Broken bones, severe lacerations, and torn ligaments can all disrupt a victim's day-to-day life, cause medical expenses to be incurred, and force a victim to lose wages due to missed work.

Understanding commercial leases

Whether you are a Pennsylvania entrepreneur starting a new company or an established business owner seeking to expand, you likely will face the necessity of signing a commercial lease. As you know, few businesses operate out of premises they own, and instead lease property out of which to conduct business.

If you have previously dealt with commercial leases, you know that, unlike a typical residential lease, a commercial one affords you the opportunity to negotiate many of its terms with the property owner. But while you have more freedom to negotiate a commercial lease, you also have fewer protections than you do once you sign a residential lease. The reason for this is that when you negotiate and sign a commercial lease, the law presumes that both you and the property owner have fairly equal amounts of business savvy or will hire attorneys who do.

Drug investigation results in more than 50 arrests

A sudden arrest for alleged criminal wrongdoing can turn your world upside-down. At one moment you might be going about your business as usual, and then you're being threatened with years of imprisonment and financially ruinous fines. Your reputation can also be irreparably damaged. This is the case for many Pittsburgh-area residents. Sadly, even when the evidence doesn't support the charges that have been brought against them, these accused individuals still have to put up a legal fight against over-zealous prosecutors and investigators.

More than 50 people may be in this position now after being taken into custody on a variety of drug charges. According to reports, the arrests come after a 10-month investigation that allegedly included the use of undercover police officers and confidential informants. The Attorney General, Josh Shapiro, says the investigation resulted in nearly 100 purchases of illegal drugs, including heroin, cocaine, fentanyl, and illegally obtained prescription drugs.

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