How can technology help your children handle your divorce?

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Your divorce may be good for your family in the long run—but that doesn’t mean it won’t be hard on everyone involved as well. It may be especially hard on younger people.

Your children may have trouble feeling connected to you after your separation. What should you do to help them feel better?

Contact with parents helps kids cope

A recent study shows that communication is key to maintaining a relationship between children and divorced parents, especially using modern technology. Consistent and close contact leads to a closer bond—as it demonstrates to a child that the parent-child relationship is important, even when the parents are hostile towards each other.

But how are you supposed to keep this close relationship with your children if you don’t see them every day anymore? The answer might be in your pocket.

The modern world makes communication much easier

Young people these days are more connected than ever before. If your children have a cell phone or other device, you can reach them at any moment. To effectively use technology to stay connected with your family, you should:

  • Have a schedule—but don’t be afraid to send a spontaneous text every now and then
  • Use a combination of texts, voice calls and video chats
  • Be engaged in your children’s interests—real connections need more than small talk
  • Not just make the decisions yourself—involve your children in your communication plan

Even if you don’t know the difference between Snapchat and Instagram, you can still talk to your children with texts and phone calls. You don’t have to be a computer expert to talk to your family.

Everyone in your family is going to deal with your divorce differently. You can’t always predict how your children will feel during and after your separation—but you can be there to support them. Use the tools that modern technology provides to ease everyone through the divorce process.


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