Personal injury and premises liability

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When you go to the store, you probably don’t think much about your safety. This is for good reason because most are under the assumption that the safety of patrons are considered and addressed. Property owners who fail to ensure the safety of others who enter their premises may be found liable for any injuries suffered. And these injuries can be quite extensive. A slip-and-fall can leave a victim with broken bones, torn muscles and even head injuries. Other accidents that occur on the property of another can be fatal. Making matters worse, recovering from these injuries can be painful, stressful and expensive.

This is why many Pittsburgh residents in such a position choose to pursue a premises liability lawsuit. To impose liability in one of these cases, though, a plaintiff must prove certain legal elements. Generally speaking, a plaintiff will need to show that the property had a hazardous condition and that the property owner either knew or should have known about it. A plaintiff must additionally show that the property owner, despite this knowledge, failed to remedy the condition in a timely fashion or warn others about the dangerous condition.

The exact standard of care that a property owner owes to an individual on his or her property is determined by the visitor’s status. For example no duty is owed to trespassers, so there is no implied promise that the property is safe. Invitees, on the other hand, which include patrons of a business, are afforded an implied promise that the owner has taken certain steps to assure that the property is safe.

Even once liability is imposed, a victim must still prove the full extent of the damages he or she suffered. This will require putting forth medical evidence, as well as evidence with regard to lost wages. All-in-all, this personal injury claims are complicated, requiring extensive legal knowledge and skill. Those who need assistance with their claim may want to discuss the matter with a qualified legal professional.


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