How to modify child support or child custody when needed

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2019 | Family Law

The family law process serves as a resource to help parents work out child support and child custody concerns. The family law process can both help parents establish child support and a child custody arrangement and can also help them modify child support and child custody when needed.

It is important for parents to be familiar with how they may be able to request a child support or child custody modification if they believe it is needed. Either parent can request a modification from the family law court. No change is considered valid until it is approved by the family law court, so that it important to keep in mind. Parents can agree to a child support modification or child custody modification or ask for the family law court’s help.

To modify a child support order, the parent requesting the modification should promptly contact the family law court for the change and both parents should remember to abide by any existing child support order in the meantime. Child support may be modified based on a significant change in circumstances, which could include a loss of a job, change in household income or an unexpected medical condition. The general rules is that a child support order or child custody arrangement may be modified based on a significant change in circumstances of either the parent or the child.

It is not uncommon for life to change as a child grows or following divorce so family law resources exist to help parents and divorcing couples with some of the most emotionally challenging and difficult situations they face. As a result, parents should be familiar with how the family law process can help when they need to modify a child support agreement or child custody arrangement.


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