Pennsylvania couple hit with multiple theft charges

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It’s not uncommon for relationships to sour, even familial ones. Most of the time, these relationships can be repaired after harsh words are exchanged. In other instances, though, these spats turn into allegations of criminal wrongdoing. Physical violence, theft, sexual assault and even murder can all be alleged against an individual all out of bad blood. When a Pennsylvanian finds him or herself in this position, it’s time to consider with criminal defense options they might have.

According to reports, two Pennsylvanians were taken into custody on multiple counts of theft and misappropriation of funds held in trust. Other counts against them include conspiracy and receiving stolen property. Police claim that the couple, who were in charge of managing the finances of the man’s aging and Alzheimer’s-riddled father, stole more than $600,000 from the man’s estate.

The charges come after the elderly man died and another one of his sons initiated an investigation into the couple’s handling of the father’s finances. It has since been claimed that the investigation discovered that the couple used the money to pay their own bills, including utility bills and home remodeling. If convicted of the charges they face, the couple may be forced to not only repay the money that was allegedly stolen but also spend time behind bars.

This can be a scary thought for those facing criminal charges. While fines and restitution can threaten one’s financial well-being, prison can strip one of his or her freedom as well as his or her future. This is because a criminal conviction, especially on a felony charge, can render it extremely difficult to find adequate employment and housing, even after an individual pays his debt to society. This is why it is critically important to secure competent criminal defense advocates who can help build a case that may significantly increase one’s chances of avoiding the harshest penalties or, perhaps, all penalties.


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