Pennsylvania’s calculation of child support

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Raising a child can be quite expensive. When young, children will need diapers and baby food as well as childcare. As they age, the expenses may change, but they remain constant. School supplies, clothing, food and extracurricular activities can all put a massive dent in parents’ wallets. While covering these costs can be difficult for just about anyone, it can be particularly challenging for single parents.

Fortunately, custodial parents can seek child support from noncustodial parents. The purpose of child support is to allow parents to share in the financial burden associated with raising a child since both parents are responsible for bringing the child into the world. Although a 50-50 split of all child-related costs would be the ideal, the truth of the matter is that this rarely happens. Instead, the court will look at a number of factors in conjunction with the state’s child support guidelines to determine an appropriate obligation amount.

There are many factors that can be considered. Perhaps chief amongst them is the parents’ incomes. The court has an interest in ensuring that child support obligations are paid, so the amount ordered to be paid will be a portion of one’s income but not so much that it should cause a noncustodial parent financial hardship. If the obligation amount does cause hardship, then it might be wise to seek a child support modification. Other factors taken into account when determining child support include the child’s expenses and his or her age, as child support will last until the child turns 18 unless stated otherwise in a court order.

The calculation of child support can be a complicated matter and recovering it can be just as tough. Thus, resolving this family law issues is imperative. As this area of the law can be fraught with issues, those who are having a hard time reaching an outcome that is favorable to them and their children should consider obtaining legal guidance.


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