Many men gain weight after getting divorced

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The legal details involved in getting a divorce are a source of enormous stress for almost everyone who goes through that process. That is why having professional help from an experienced divorce lawyer is so important. That assistance can help to lower the almost-inevitable stress level that is associated with divorce.

According to a recent study, making a marital transition, i.e., getting married or getting divorced, can have a negative effect on a person’s health. The study found that many people gain weight after a marital transition. Perhaps surprisingly, women commonly gained weight after marriage, and men gained weight after divorce.

Your health and divorce
A recent university study from OSU found that getting married or getting divorced can negatively impact the health of both men and women. This study showed that weight gain was common for women who were recently married while newly divorced men tend to gain weight. Interestingly enough the study found that this was most often true of people over the age of thirty.

Divorce and stress
Nearly all medical studies show that an increase in weight is likely to have an adverse effect on an individual’s overall health. When you combine the stress related to divorce along with the potential of sudden weight gain or weight loss, it is common for divorced couples to suffer adverse health implications.
Pittsburgh divorce attorneys noted that the study speculated that divorce and marriage are life-changing experiences, which cause people to get out of their normal habits. This can often lead to weight gain.

Life changes are inevitable, but an experienced divorce lawyer can remove some of that stress, at least when it comes to handling the legal details of a marital dissolution.

Source: USA Today “Weight gain hits women after marriage, men after divorce” Aug. 23, 2011


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