Factors in a Pennsylvania child custody case, Part 2

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In Part 1 of these posts, we started to examine some factors that parents should keep in mind when involved in a Pittsburgh child custody case. All too often, parents forget that their children were their highest priority when they began the divorce process. As the legal process drags on, it can be tempting to lash out at the other parent, but this is bound to have a negative effect on the custody case of the parent doing the lashing out. Here is the continuation of the list of things divorcing parents should keep in mind:

4. Who is the primary caretaker? If you have gotten into a habit of letting the other parent be the one who helps the children get dressed, bathes them, feeds them, helps them with their homework, and other daily matters, you should change that pattern. A court is going to look closely at which parent shoulders these duties, and it is going to be better for your case if you are the primary caregiver, or if the duties are equally shared.

5. Who is involved in the kids’ outside activities? Just as the examination of duties in the home will be a factor, activities outside the home will also be looked at to see which parent is more involved.

6. Do you maintain self-control? Divorce is stressful, everyone knows that. And child custody disputes only make things worse, stress-wise. However, it never reflects well on a parent who loses control of herself or himself. Imagine how much it damages a parent’s child custody case if they have an angry outburst in court. Imagine it now, and prevent it happening in reality.

7. Are you following your attorney’s advice? An experienced child custody attorney has seen it all. They know what kinds of actions help a child custody case, and what kinds of actions hurt it. Listen to them and heed their advice, to the letter.

Source: Huffington Post “How To Lose Child Custody,” Jacqueline Harounian, Dec. 12, 2011


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