Child Custody & Out of State Travel or Moving

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2015 | Child Custody

Summer is a time for travel and a time to move between the school years for parents of school-aged children. A child custody agreement may specify whether or not out-of-state travel is permitted or not during each parent’s custodial time; if not, parents are usually permitted to travel with their children during their respective custodial time.

Relocation, or moving, is governed by more rules. Relocation requires notice or a very good reason for not giving adequate notice of a planned move. If all persons with child custody consent to a planned relocation, the courts do not have to be involved. However, if the custodial parties disagree, the court considers a number of factors regarding the relocation, including Best Interests of the Child criteria in deciding whether relocation will be approved or not.

If you or your child’s other parent are considering travel or relocation outside of Pennsylvania, call our office for a free initial consultation with an experienced Family Law attorney regarding your rights and responsibilities.


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