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On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2013 | Business Law

So you’re starting a business and you want to know what the first step is. Number one, start the process by interviewing a knowledgeable business attorney. You see, not all attorneys are “knowledgeable” when it comes to business formation and practical day to day business issues.

In the course of the interview, find out what kind of experience the attorney has in forming entities. I have found it useful to ask if the attorney has owned his own businesses. I have found that those that have owned their own businesses tend to have a greater understanding of the salient issues associated with owning businesses. An attorney with some tax background is also preferable.

As a caveat, the attorney should start by asking you what type of business you intend on starting. This is the best first question because it will ultimately determine what type of entity should be formed for business

You should note that not all businesses need the protection of limited liability (i.e., the need for a corporation or a limited liability company (LLC)). A good business attorney will go through the machinations associated with each and will help you choose the one that optimizes your choice.

Should you need an experienced business attorney, please contact me at my Pittsburgh law firm, Gusty A. E. Sunseri & Associates. I can help with any and all aspects of starting a new business. 


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