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One of the greatest hurdles for parents following a child custody battle is being able to communicate with one another regarding the child. Often, the parties harbor significant bad blood toward one another and have no interest in speaking with or seeing each other. This animosity is understandable considering the parties would have likely recently ended their own relationship and then subsequently fought against one another for custody of their child or children. However, it is important to be able to set aside any animosity toward the other parent when dealing with issues of custody.

Parents need to be able to communicate with one another regarding the child’s schedule, education, health and general well-being. Refusing to speak with the other parent out of anger can adversely affect the child because the parents will not be on the same page regarding parenting decisions.

Furthermore, if parents are unable to put aside their differences, children notice. Especially as children get older and more aware of their surroundings, they are surprisingly adept at recognizing when their parents are not getting along. Simple gestures such as Mother and child calling Father just to say hello can go a long way to convey to the child that Mom and Dad have a good relationship and that they aren’t angry with one another.

In the end, when deciding how to deal with the other parent, one should consider whether or not his or her conduct is in the child’s best interest Holding a grudge and refusing to cooperate with the other parent may give one a sense of victory over the other parent, but the only loser in those situations is the child. Raising a child in an intact family where the parents are working together is difficult enough. Attempting to do so without speaking with the other parent is almost impossible.

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