Estate planning tools for an effective estate plan

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2019 | Estate Planning

Estate planning is important for everyone which is why estate planners should carefully consider their estate planning options. Estate planning includes a set of legal tools that help estate planners develop a comprehensive estate plan that reflects their wishes and works for them.

There are a variety of estate planning documents to help estate planners develop a personalized estate plan that is effective, knowing that it is not a one-size-fits all process. Because the legal system realizes that, it provides a variety of different estate planning tools to help estate planners. Estate planning provides peace of mind to both the estate planner and the estate planner’s family and loved ones which is one of the many benefits of having a comprehensive estate plan.

Estate planning tools estate planners should consider based on their needs and goals for how they want their property distributed to beneficiaries include a last will and testament that must be properly executed and valid; a financial power of attorney to direct their finances if they become incapacitated; a health care power of attorney to direct their medical care if they become incapacitated; advance directives; trusts; and HIPAA authorizations. Business and tax issues may also be implicated which is why estate planners should be aware of those issues and how to handle them as well.

Estate planning may be intimidating to would-be estate planners but it should not be. Because there are complexities and requirements associated with an estate plan and estate planning documents, trained guidance can be help and put the estate planner’s concerns at ease to help them develop a solid estate plan that is best for them.


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