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On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2017 | Family Law

The decision to get married is often one that is made out of love, and this is rightly so. Yet, despite the flood of emotions a couple may feel when they decide to take the plunge into matrimony, they need to realize that they are not only making a decision based on what they feel in their heart, but they are also making a decision that can impact their wallet.

While most married couples agree to share everything, from vehicles to homes and bank accounts, sometimes one or both parties want to try to retain some form of financial independence. This can be especially true when at least one of the parties comes to the marriage with significant assets. In these instances, it might be a good idea to consider entering into a prenuptial agreement, which can help clarify what will be subjected to property division in the event of divorce. It can also lay out how alimony will be addressed should marriage dissolution occur.

Although entering into one of these agreements may sound like a great idea, and it truly can be, the truth of the matter is that many individuals find it difficult to discuss the matter with their future spouse. An experienced family law attorney, while maybe not best suited to be the first to breach the topic with an individual’s future spouse, may be able to help illustrate how mutually beneficial a prenuptial agreement can be. Once the parties agree to such an arrangement, an experienced family law attorney can help draft the terms that will provide peace of mind and financial security in a way that strengthens the relationship before entering into matrimony.

At Gusty AE Sunseri & Associates, our team of dedicated legal professionals know the multitude of issues that can arise with marriage and divorce. We therefore diligently work with our clients to identify their needs and address them competently. Whether it is drafting a legal document like a prenuptial agreement, or litigating a matter such as child custody, we aggressively advocate for our clients with an individualized approach to ensure that their best interests are as fully protected as possible


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