Marriage and Divorce – The Importance of Sex in Marriage

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The importance of sex in marriage.

It is said that the three main keys to a successful marriage are communication, money and sex. How well or how badly these three keys are handled will determine the success or failure of a marriage (divorce).

The scriptures state in Hebrews 13:4 “Marriage should be honored by all. The marriage bed should be kept pure, for God will judge the adulterer and all sexually immoral.”

The purpose for sex in marriage is firstly for procreation, to bring children into the world. Secondly, it is for recreation – pleasure. The pleasure of sex should be for the benefit of both spouses. Therefore, it is important to communicate on this very important issue.

Make sure that the proper atmosphere is created for a pleasurable experience.

Recognize the difference between men and women. Men were created as the aggressor. They take the initiative while women are the responders. Men are stimulated by what they sees and women, on the other hand, are stimulated by they feel. Women need to be loving and tenderly touched. Be considerate of each other and never use sex as a weapon by withholding it from each other.

Submitted by Pastor L. Joseph.

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