3 things you need to apply for a liquor license

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Selling alcohol in your store or restaurant can significantly boost profits and draw in a new group of clientele. Any savvy business owner would be attracted to this idea, and if you are one of them, you might consider applying for a liquor license. For all the benefits it can offer, there are some stipulations, and you should be prepared for the process that follows.

According to TribLive, though liquor licenses in Pennsylvania can be a hefty investment, they are often worth it for the business owners who can turn them into a lucrative outing. Before you apply for your own, be sure you will have the following three items ready:

Business documents

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board will want to see verification of the claims you make regarding your business. You should have documentation such as zoning permits, the type of license you need and a summary of business expenses and projected income. These items help the board determine your eligibility for a license, and having the documents ready saves you time.

Money to spend

Though the costs of a liquor license vary, you should be prepared to offer up thousands of dollars. For many entrepreneurs, though, the cost of the license is a fraction of the profit that stands to be made. It is important you have the funds available, though, so that you are not delayed by an inability to pay. Be prepared for additional fees that might be applicable, too.

Time to wait

Even when you have everything ready and are prepared for the entire process, applying for a liquor license is exactly that—a process. It might take between 60 to 120 days, but it could be even longer. Budget time for this, and consider investing in legal representation to help handle the minor and major details. Doing so can help you avoid complications that delay licensing further.


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