Marriage and Divorce – Key Points When Communicating

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In my recent blogs regarding Marriage & Divorce, I have been dealing with the importance of communication to a successful marriage and pointed that in defining communication as an art. therefore, there are a number of key points that must be observed for successful communication.

  1. In communicating, make sure that eye contact is made by both individuals.
  2. Avoid distractions. For example – guys – turn off the TV. It is necessary to keep focus. It shows that what is being said is important.
  3. Determining the proper time and place is important. The right time is key to successful communication. It is good that a time be agreed on by husband and wife. Saying the right thing at the wrong time and in the wrong place is like saying the wrong thing! So … make sure that the right environment is set for successful communication.
  4. Have the correct perspective. The ability to see things from the other person’s view is a critical point. Know where he/she is coming from. Bear in mind the other person’s background. Pay attention to national and cultural differences. Be willing to change positions without compromising principles.
  5. Ask questions for clarity!

Submitted by Pastor W. Joseph

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