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Agreements are good – Whether we are talking about pre nuptial agreements, general partnership agreements or settlement agreements. Anything in writing, agreed to by the parties, detailing their relationship or the end of their relationship, is better than no agreement at all.

Well written agreements are even better. Yes any written agreement is good, but agreements written by competent lawyers are even better. Of course, attorneys that are well versed in specific agreements generally do a better job than those who are doing it for the first time.

Parents involved in a divorce, that get along, have a better chance of having well adjusted children.

Many times in a divorce the children are more mature than the parents.

Divorcing parents that are looking for revenge will undoubtedly produce children with future psychological issues.

Settlements may sometimes feel like a loss, but the alternative may well have been worse.

Any one who represents himself / herself to save money almost never succeeds.

Judges would rather you settle the case.

Agreements are almost always less costly than litigation.

Details always matter.

A zealous attorney is one that cares.

More preparation is better than less.

Composed by attorney Gusty Sunseri of Gusty Sunseri & Associates, P.C..


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