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As is well known, it is not inexpensive to raise a child in today’s world and children have the right to support and care from their parents. There are many things to pay for the maintenance of a child and child support helps ensure the needs of the child are met when parents are divorced or unmarried.

The family law process serves as a resource to help resolve child support concerns and ensure that a child is properly taken care of. The family law process can not only help parents establish a child support order, but also can help with other concerns that may come up, such as collection of child support or modifying a child support order. All of these concerns can be addressed through the child support family law process in Pennsylvania.

The family law can help divorcing spouses with child support concerns including establishing child support; enforcing a child support order when there has been a failure to pay court-ordered child support; or modifying a child support order. In addition, the family law process can help in a proceeding when paternity needs to be established followed by child support that also needs to be established. The family law process provides resources for parents who are seeking to enforce a child support order, as well as parents who are having difficulty paying required child support.

Either parent may be able to request a child support modification based on a significant change in circumstances since the previous child support order. A significant change in circumstances can include the loss of a job; a decrease in pay or in increase in pay; a change in childcare costs; or other financial change that creates a significant change in circumstances. It is important for divorcing parents with child support concerns to be familiar with how the family law process can help them resolve these and to be aware that they can call upon those legal resources when needed.


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