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Being charged with a criminal offense can be frightening. Prosecutors who are convinced of your guilt can threaten to put you behind bars for longer than you ever imagined. This can rip you away from your job, your family and everything else you have worked hard for in your life. In addition to losing your freedom, a criminal conviction can cause irreparable damage to your reputation and devastate you financially when you are forced to pay large fines. With so much at stake, you owe it to yourself to build the best criminal defense strategy possible under the circumstances.

Depending on the facts at hand, there may be a number of criminal defense options available to you. If you are charged with a drug crime after a traffic stop and a subsequent search and seizure, for example, you may be able to challenge many aspects of the case in an attempt to suppress damaging evidence. You may want to consider whether the initial traffic stop was legal, officers had probable cause to conduct a search of you and your vehicle and evidence was collected correctly. Any seemingly minor error could have huge consequences for the prosecution’s case.

So how do you challenge the claims made by the prosecution? To start, you need to question everyone involved in the case. This might include police officers, eye witnesses and other defendants. In conjunction with this, you will need to gather as much physical evidence as possible, such as police records. This step can help you hone in on prosecutorial weaknesses that you want to exploit.

In the end, building a strong criminal defense requires knowledge not only of the statutory law, but also the rules of evidence and trial procedure. At Gusty AE Sunseri & Associates, we know how to identify common flaws in a variety of criminal cases and build cases to take advantage of them. Our skilled attorneys are aggressive both at the negotiating table and in the courtroom, giving their clients the best possible chance of success given the facts at hand. Those who want to learn more about us and our services can browse the rest of our website.


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