How child support works in Pennsylvania

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Divorce involves many financial adjustments. One of the biggest is child support. In Pennsylvania, both parents have a responsibility to bear the costs of rearing a child. This legal mechanism makes sure the needs of dependents are continually met.

Many factors help divorce courts determine how much the noncustodial parent owes.

Calculating child support in Pennsylvania

A judge has the final say over how much a divorcing parent must disburse. This courtroom representative has a wide ability to make such determinations within the scope of the law. Subsequently, monthly figures vary greatly.

The needs of the child are especially pertinent to the ruling. The age of the dependent can affect this variable. There might also be medical needs that insurance does not cover for which both parents are responsible.

The fiscal situation of both individuals is also a critical determinant. Preexisting fiscal liabilities, for instance, could lead to a lower tally. Tweaking the amount of child support is possible under particular circumstances. Examples include the emergence of a physical disability or sudden job loss for the parent.

Failing to pay child support in Pennsylvania

Those that neglect to cover their obligation face a few potential undesirable outcomes. Professional licenses may be subject to suspension. The other parent could use a Qualified Domestic Relation Order to extract the overdue amount from a retirement account. There is even the possibility of contempt charges and receiving jail time.

Shouldering child support payments becomes especially frustrating without enlightenment on the calculation process. When resentment builds, the person who owes might decide to withhold funds. An understanding of the matter can tamp down these unwise impulses.


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