Complex child custody agreements are a growing trend

On Behalf of | Jan 1, 2012 | Child Custody

Star of David topped Christmas trees. That’s what some people are doing after their divorce, in accordance with the child custody agreements they negotiated. A growing number of people seem to be adding interesting post-divorce requirements when it comes to raising their children.

Of course, every parent just wants the best for their children, but what happens when parents have different beliefs? More and more, parent are including extreme details in their child custody agreements to make certain that their spouse is respecting their wishes when the child is at the other parent’s house.

Now, agreements are starting to include details such as how to discipline the children, what church they must attend and what holidays they can celebrate. Some go as far as saying that both spouses cannot talk negatively about the other’s religion, and could even dictate dating by on parent while the children are still less than 18 years old. Parent’s are also coming up with more creative ways of integrating two different faiths into their custody agreements, such as meshing two holidays and making their own custom-made holiday traditions.

Some people might think that this much detail might confuse a child. Although these agreements should be used cautiously, some parents and experts agree that this level of detail helps prevent hassles and arguments around the holidays. Seeking the advice of an experienced child custody attorney can help you negotiate a solid child custody agreement that respects both your wishes and those of your ex-spouse.

Source: The Washington Post, “Divorce’s details: Custody agreements are getting more complex,” Michelle Boorstein, Dec. 26, 2011


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