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A few weeks ago on the blog we discussed the dangers of drowsy driving. Unfortunately, far too many motorists on the road today are fatigued, which can seriously impact their driving abilities. Their reaction time can be slowed, their decision-making impaired and when they fall asleep behind the wheel they can swerve into oncoming traffic, drive up onto a curb or fail to stop for a pedestrian or halted traffic. When these drivers cause a car accident, they can leave innocent and unsuspecting individuals with severe injuries and associated damages.

The harm suffered in the aftermath of one of these wrecks can be quite severe. Physical pain is the most obvious, but victims can also be emotionally harmed on account of having to deal with their injuries. Also, having to obtain medical care and rehabilitation for one’s injuries can be quite expensive, threatening to eat into an individual’s financial well-being. This can be especially problematic when one’s injuries disallow him or her from working for a significant period of time.

Confronted with all of these damages, car accident victims can quickly become overwhelmed. However, the legal team at Gusty AE Sunseri & Associates, PC, stands ready to help victims find a resolution to the problems they are facing. When these accidents are caused by the negligence of another, we can help victims craft compelling legal arguments that seek to find accountability and compensation.

Our firm has years of experience aggressively representing those who have suffered pain and suffering, emotional turmoil and financial losses, like medical expenses and lost wages, seek the compensation they deserve. Our track record of success is undeniable, and we take pride in our dedicated success to Pennsylvanians who have been unfairly injured at the hands of negligent drivers. To those who have been injured in these accidents, we stand ready to assist.


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