Things for Divorced Parents to Remember

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Divorced parents are going to have to have regular contact. This situation can be difficult, considering the frustration and anger that so frequently arise in a divorce. But there are ways to maintain a good relationship, or, to put it more accurately, to start a new positive relationship that benefits the children and the two of you.

Here is a summary of some parenting tips that were in a recent column by Diana Mercer:

New relationship – You are divorced now, so the stresses and conflicts of the two of you as a married couple should be left in the past. The new relationship is about raising the children.

Start with a clean slate – You both would probably like to have a clean slate. Do each other the favor of giving each other that clean slate.

No procrastinating – If conflict does come up, deal with it quickly. Don’t let resentments build up.

Show respect – The children are watching how you treat each other. Showing respect will help them resolve conflict constructively later in their lives.

Think of the future – One day you will not have day-to-day contact around childcare activities. You will still see each other at major events and holidays, though, and those occasions will be more pleasant if you have a foundation of getting along now.

Transitions between homes – Your children will have two homes. Pittsburgh child custody attorneys always advise clients to be prompt at exchange times, and be flexible. Avoid the temptation to use transfer time to discuss problems.

Kids’ activities – Don’t get into the habit of skipping them. Be nice to each other when you are there.

Let the children have a childhood – Don’t disparage the other parent in front of the children. Don’t give in to temptations to louse up the other parent’s plans. The problems you create will end up creating stress for your children, and they don’t deserve that. Helping the other parent will help the kids.

Source: Huffington Post “Basic Co-Parenting Tips” 4/13/2011


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