Our Family Wizard … An Online Communication Tool for Divorced Parents

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It’s no surprise that parents going through a divorce are often not very good at communicating with one another. While there is no requirement that ex’s like one another or even be civil to one another, the ability to work together is important when children are involved. It is obviously ideal if two divorced or separated parents are able to work together regarding their children. However, this is not always the case. Some parents are just too hurt or angry to be able to co-parent and any interaction between the two leads to stress and conflict.

Fortunately, a service now exists that allows parents to communicate through an online database and minimizes the interpersonal contact they must have. The service is called “Our Family Wizard” and offers a wide range of tools that can make co-parenting much easier. With this service, both parents will have access to one account for their child. In that account, they can put events into a calendar, send e-mails to one another and track expenses. You can even upload medical records, immunization histories and school information.

All of this data can then be made available to the court and the presiding Judge can then monitor the situation if there are any problems. For example, all of the e-mails exchanged by the parties are stored in the site database and if something inappropriate is contained in one of those e-mails, it is stored securely and the Judge can be made aware.

Following a separation or divorce, the only person who suffers from parents’ inability to work together is the child. Therefore, with this service, parents can share important information regarding their child while minimizing the amount of contact they have with one another. This consequently decreases the amount of stress placed on the child. If you are a parent and are having problems co-parenting this may be an option for you. Contact an experienced family attorney at our Pittsburgh law office, Gusty Sunseri & Associates, P.C., and he or she will be able to either set this service up or obtain an order from the court directing the parents to participate in the program and split the costs.


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