Marriage and Divorce-The Importance of Knowledge & Understanding

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The next key to a strong and successful marriage that we want to look at understanding the role husband and the wife.

One of the main problems in any relationship is misunderstanding. The way to dispel misunderstanding is to get the proper information or knowledge of the situation. It has been said that knowledge is like light to darkness. Knowledge brings enlightenment and protects those who have it from operating in the dark, thereby avoiding making mistakes and causing hurt to each other. Knowledge is acquired; therefore, ever effort must be made to get that required knowledge for success in any adventure or relationship, especially a marriage. Knowledge and understanding are necessary to avoid the likelihood of divorce.

Here is what the scripture says, 1 Peter 3:7a “Likewise, you husbands dwell (live) with your wives according to knowledge…” It is to conclude from that scripture that spouses can live together in ignorance, or darkness, stumbling as the go along, creating lots of problems and causing much hurt. One translation defines knowledge as “to live considerately”. Let me state that knowledge and considerations are not left solely to the husband, both spouses should have proper knowledge and understanding of each other’s role so as to avoid problems.

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