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Defending Your Business Interests During Divorce

Property division is a complex issue in any divorce. When a family business is at issue in Pennsylvania, additional factors must be considered to ensure the protection of each spouse’s interests.

Key issues that may be at issue include:

  • Valuation of the business
  • Discovery of hidden assets
  • Discovery of business debts
  • The existence of business tax debts
  • Continued ownership of the business

If you are getting a divorce in Allegheny County or the surrounding counties, and you or your spouse owns a business, contact our attorneys at Gusty Sunseri & Associates, P.C. Our lawyers are experienced divorce and family law attorneys who can protect your rights. Contact our Pittsburgh law office at 412-455-5388 to discuss your family law concerns.

Equipped To Handle Intricate Financial Matters

With more than 35 years of legal experience, our lawyers have the ability to handle even the most complex divorce and property division issues. If retained to handle your case, we will work diligently to protect your financial rights and interests.

Working With Experts To Determine Your Business’s Worth

If we are retained to handle your divorce, we can retain an expert to perform a business valuation. Determining the value of your business is a key first step to determining how to proceed in marriage settlement negotiations. In cases where it may prove fruitful, we can also retain the services of a forensic accountant, who can review financial documents to see if your spouse has hidden business assets or engaged in financial fraud.

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