Study looks at women’s divorce rates by race and education

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Pittsburgh divorce attorneys were interested to see news reports of a new study completed by researchers at Bowling Green State University recently. The researchers examined the first-time divorce rates of women. The researchers looked at the data from two different perspectives: divorce rates according to education, and divorce rates according to race.

The data used was from the 2010 census completed by the U.S. Census Bureau. The base number on first-time divorce rates for women nationwide was 17.5 per 1000 adult women. When the researchers looked at first-time divorce by race, they found that African-American women had the highest first divorce rates at 30.4 per 1000 women. This was followed by Hispanic women at 18.1 per 1000, Caucasian women at 16.3 per 1000, and Asian women at 10 per 1000.

When the researchers looked at first-time divorce rates according to a woman’s level of education, they found that women who had graduated from college had the lowest rates of divorce.

What might be expected to follow was a finding that some post-high school education would lead to the next lowest divorce rate for women, followed by high school graduates who did not pursue formal education beyond that point, and with women who did not graduate from high school having the highest divorce rates. Perhaps surprisingly, the data did not support this scenario at all.

What the researchers found was that women who did not finish high school had some of the lowest divorce rates (14.4 per 1000), almost as low as the college graduates (14.2 per 1000). Women with some college education but no bachelor’s degree had the highest divorce rates at 23 per 1000 women.

Source: Bowling Green State University “First-time divorce rate tied to education, race” Nov. 3, 2011


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