How does alcohol affect one’s ability to drive?

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Alcohol is a drug that can either be enjoyed responsibly or irresponsibly. Although most people know their limit, even these individuals may inaccurately assess their driving abilities after consuming any number of alcoholic beverages. When these individuals get behind the wheel, they may put themselves and others at risk of serious harm or even death.

Why? Simply put, alcohol can drastically affect an individual’s ability to drive. Research has shown alcohol can slow an individual’s reaction time, which may lead to him or her failing to stop at a stop sign or red light, yield to pedestrians or slow for stopped traffic. Alcohol can also alter a motorist’s concentration, making it hard for him or her to remain attentive while behind the wheel. Coordination and comprehension can also be altered, resulting in trouble maintaining hand-eye and hand-foot coordination as well as one’s ability to make good decisions.

Of course, the amount of alcohol necessary to impair an individual’s driving ability is dependent on a number of factors. His or her weight, the type of alcoholic drinks consumed and the number of drinks consumed can all play a role. However, someone who weighs 160 pounds is probably over the legal limit after having consumed three alcoholic drinks. Someone who weighs 200 pounds, on the other hand, may only reach the legal limit after having four drinks.

It is important to note, though, that if alcohol contributes to a car accident in any way, regardless of whether the driver was within the legal limit, a victim of such a crash may be able to impose liability. This is critical to know, as these victims can be left with extensive damages that can include medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering. Those who want to learn more about how to competently pursue a personal injury lawsuit may want to contact an experienced attorney of their choosing. This can help protect their rights and interests along the way.


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