Spinal cord injuries highlight the potential cost of negligence

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Car accidents leave their victims with all kinds of injuries. Those who are fortunate, escape with nothing but a few scrapes and perhaps a bruise or two. Others, though, face a far worse fate. These individuals suffer serious injuries that leave them permanently disabled. While their new physical limitations are more than many can bear, the extent of their damages don’t end there. There is, of course, the emotional pain that accompanies the sudden onset of a disability, but financial losses can also take a serious toll.

Just look at spinal cord injuries. Those who suffer high tetraplegia, which accounts for a significant portion of spinal cord injuries, can cost as much as $1 million in the first year following the injury’s onset. Each subsequent year can bring about nearly $185,000 in financial losses. Even those who suffer from any sort of incomplete motor function on account of their injury can see costs soar to nearly $350,000 in the first year, with another $42,000 each year after that.

When looking at these costs over a lifetime, the damage can be staggering. A high tetraplegia sufferer who is 25 years of age at the time of injury can wind up paying nearly $4.75 million to treat their injury. Even a 50-year-old individual can face more than $2.5 million in damages. A 25-year-old person who suffers from some sort of incomplete motor function may see more than $1.5 million in lifetime costs, whereas their 50-year-old counterpart may see slightly more than $1 million.

As can be seen here, the damages associated with a serious injury like those that affect the spinal cord can be tremendous. When these injuries are caused by the negligence of another, it is wise to seek to recoup these damages from the negligent party by pursuing a personal injury lawsuit. To learn more about how to build a strong negligence case, as well as show the full extent of one’s damages, victims may want to reach out to a dependable legal professional.


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