Mistakes to avoid when applying for a liquor license

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If you are planning to own a business in Pennsylvania that serves and sells alcohol, you will need to get a liquor license. The application process may seem like it is an easy one. However, if you are not careful, you could make mistakes that prevent approval of your application. It is essential for you to lay the right foundation for your business to improve its chances for success. 

Take some time to learn about mistakes to avoid when you apply for a liquor license. 

Choosing the wrong type of liquor license 

If you rush through the application process, you could end up making mistakes. Carefully read through the application. Make sure you are aware of the fees, timelines and other requirements that are necessary for you to improve the chances of your application’s approval. Pay close attention to the type of liquor license you apply for. You need to choose the liquor license type that best reflects your business model. Choosing the wrong one can cause your license to be put on hold or denied. 

Offending the community 

It is important for you to understand that your business has an impact on the local community. Whether you plan to run a bar, liquor store or some other type of alcohol serving and sales establishment, you should notify your neighbors and others in the community of your application. They have the right to voice their concerns. If your establishment has the potential to disrupt the safety and peacefulness of the local community it sits in, then you may encounter some opposition. Do not fool yourself into thinking that the community has no impact on your liquor license because it does. 

Be kind and courteous to the residents and business owners in the community. Address their concerns and work towards implementing measures that protect your business’ interests without infringing on those of the community. Do not forget to adhere to all community guidelines or you risk the residents challenging your liquor license application, which can lead to delays and even a rejection. 

There are many things that can impact the outcome of your application. Avoid shortcuts and have an attorney review your application to ensure its accuracy. After approval, you should adhere to strict guidelines and laws to prevent fines and the revocation of your liquor license.


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