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Unmarried Pennsylvanians who see their relationship with their significant come to an end can find themselves facing similar, if not identical, family law issues as those who go through a divorce. When it comes to one of these issues, though, there can be some significant differences. Whereas paternity is assumed when a child is born during the course of a marriage, paternity must be established for those children who are born out of wedlock. By establishing paternity, often by signing a paternity affidavit, a man can establish a legal relationship with his child.

However, opening a paternity case is about much more that a legal relationship with a child. In practice, the establishment of paternity allows a man to seek visitation rights and even custody. A woman may want to establish paternity because it can give her the opportunity to seek child support. Regardless of which side of the matter you fall on, you may need a strong legal advocate on your side to not only protect your legal rights but also to protect your child’s best interests.

The law firm of Gusty AE Sunseri & Associates has a strong foothold in the practice of family law. We help married and unmarried individuals address the issues that are most important to them. When it comes to paternity, we can help clients establish paternity and subsequently develop strong legal arguments to establish appropriate parenting time or child support, or we can help individuals challenge paternity. Regardless of the particular issue you are facing, our experienced and dedicated attorneys stand ready to help.

Just as no two cases are alike, no two law firms are identical. Although different firms may offer similar services, their experience, record of success and approachability can vary. Therefore, if you are seeking help with your family law issues, we encourage you to sit down for initial consultations and choose a law firm that you feel works best for you. Based on our history, we are confident that our firm will be able to provide what many Pennsylvanians are looking for in a legal ally.


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