Marriage and Divorce – The Consequences of Divorce

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The consequences of how divorce affects the children are sometimes unintended. In my last writing, I stated that many children of divorced parents have to deal with many emotional issues, such as depression, rebellious behaviors and more.

Most parents going through a divorce usually become very self-centered and find themselves engaged in a lot of fighting, which sometimes becomes very vicious and nasty. Sometimes they do not realize or even care about the damage that is being caused to the children.

The divorced parents must do their best not to divide their children’s alliance to either parent, being very careful to draw the line before being indulgent and unreasonable in order to win the loyalty of the children.

The divorced parents must understand that their children are very vulnerable and must do everything to protect them. They must take time to talk to them, preparing them for the divorce and where and when necessary, get them counseling after the divorce.

I want to strongly advise parents going into a divorce to put off their selfishness and focus on the well being of their children.

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