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Recently, this blog discussed how semi-trucks need additional distance to come to a safe stop when compared to the stopping distances of passenger vehicles. This distance can be affected by a number of factors, including driver attentiveness and sobriety. Far too often, though, truckers are distracted, fatigued, intoxicated or otherwise negligent while behind the wheel. Even truck companies oftentimes fail to properly maintain their trucks and train their employees. Any one of these factors could cause a devastating truck accident that leaves a victim with serious injuries.

Recovering from these injuries can be trying, too. Physical pain can be a difficult thing to cope with, and a victim’s finances can take a significant hit on account of unexpected medical expenses and lost wages suffered from being unable to work. The stress of the entire situation can leave a victim completely overwhelmed and concerned for his or her future.

This is understandable, but these victims don’t need to be afraid. Instead, they need to feel empowered to take legal action on the rights afforded to them by the law. Under the law, individuals who are injured by the negligence of others may be able to recover compensation for their damages. At Gusty AE Sunseri & Associates, our attorneys understand that there are many moving parts to this general legal principal, which is why we work hard not only to develop strong cases for our clients, but also to ensure that they fully understand where their case stands. After all, each client retains control over his or her case. We simply advocate for what they desire.

Armed with extensive experience and firm grasp on the law and legal rules, our attorneys battle everyday against aggressive defense attorneys who are trying to save their clients from suffering the implications of liability imposition. We know how to anticipate their defense tactics and can gather physical and testimonial evidence to support our clients’ claims. Taking pride in our track record of success, we believe that we have competently represented many car and truck accident victims who are looking to get back on their feet. Therefore, if you have been hurt by a negligent driver, or trucker, consider browsing our website to obtain more information about our firm.


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