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When I ended last week’s writing, I was dealing with the point that men and women are different because they are created differently. As a result, they deal or respond to life’s challenges and situations differently. Therefore, those differences should be celebrated and used as a force for unity to strengthen the marriage, not as a source for division, weakening the marriage that cam cause it to eventually end in divorce.

Last time I began to list some of those differences by stating that women are emotional by nature, whereas, men are more fact oriented. A husband will very often hear his wife say “I feel or I don’t this or that about that person or that thing” and she might not be able to explain those feelings, which often are right. On the other hand, the wife will very often hear her husband respond to situations by saying “I think or I don’t think…” because he is dealing mainly with the facts of the matter.

I am not saying that the woman is incapable of dealings with facts or that the man does not having feelings, just that they are different and each function differently. The feelings and the facts should be put together to deal with the situation and challenge in order to arrive at a conclusion that will benefit the marriage.

Next time we will continue to look at more of these differences.

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