Hidden assets can complicate the property division process

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Divorce is already a difficult process, but when one spouse decides to play the game unfairly, it can add another layer of complication. One of the most frequent ways that people are unfair in their divorces is when they try to hide assets. They often do this in an effort to get revenge, act out against the other person or simply gain a financial advantage during the divorce. 

Hiding assets is both against the law and frustrating. If you suspect that your spouse is doing this, you will want to work diligently to uncover these assets and fight for a fair property division settlement. When facing a financially complex divorce, you will find significant benefit in seeking the right kind of help you need to locate and value all marital assets.

Suspicious statements

You may not be certain that your spouse is hiding assets. In fact, you may only think that this is happening, but a closer look at the financial disclosures that he or she gave and an examination of your tax returns may reveal that something is off. Some of the things that a spouse may say or do that could indicate dishonestly include:

  • Statements claiming that certain assets were lost, given away or simply don’t exist.
  • Saying things that make you think your spouse gave a significant amount of money or assets to a third-party as a so-called gift.
  • Creating debt that is not real to hide the true picture of his or her financial health.

In most cases, there are financial records that will help you see what is happening. Following the paper trail is not always easy, as most people who want to hide assets take the time to hide their tracks. In some cases, working with specific types of financial and legal professionals can help you see if there is marital property missing

Your future, on the line

When you go through a divorce, your future is on the line, but this is especially true when your spouse is not being honest about finances. You may want to start by taking inventory of all of your assets, including digital assets, accounts and physical property. You will also find significant benefit in working with a Pennsylvania attorney who can help you fight back against unfair tactics, uncover the information you need and pursue a strong post-divorce future.


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