Avoid pricy pitfalls and collateral costs in your divorce

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Between separating from your spouse and dealing with your household and child support, you have enough on your mind during a divorce, you have enough on your mind. And stress on your wallet. An unnecessary, expensive bill is the last thing your family should have to deal with.

Unfortunately in the struggle to adjust to a new way of life, inconsequential tasks like mowing the lawn can fall to the wayside. The city of Phillipsburg, Pennsylvania, recently billed a woman $650 for mowing her lawn. The woman had moved out of her home in anticipation of her divorce proceedings.

The woman was under the impression her husband was still occupying the home, but she appears to have been mistaken. The city of Phillipsburg contends that they had received numerous complaints and issued a warning that the grass must be cut in a timely fashion.

When the grass was not cut, the city cut it for her, and billed her $650.00. The exorbitant amount was due to fact that the workers mowing the lawn received overtime pay. The mayor of Phillipsburg also noted that workers had to move debris from the lawn.

Extra costs collateral to your divorce can be avoided early on if you’re prepared. Know who will retain your residence and maintain it. Be aware of your city’s ordinances on lawn mowing and snow removal. Don’t be blindsided by an easy-to-fix issue. Avoiding surprise expenses through good planning can significantly reduce the stress and strain on you and on your bank balance as you navigate the divorce process.

Source: UPI.com, “City bills woman $650 for lawn mowing,” June 29, 2011


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