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December 2011 Archives

Divorce not an option for some cash-strapped Pittsburgh couples

Getting a divorce can be costly, even when you opt for a simple divorce process. That cost is deterrent enough to keep some couples from filing for a divorce, choosing instead to remain legally married -- even when they are no longer committed to the marriage and may not even be living together. Pittsburgh divorce lawyers note there is a strong link between the performance of the economy and divorce rates among married couples. It's not the relationship you might think, though -- although economic hardships can create stress between married couples, the national divorce rate actually goes down one percent for every one percent increase in the national unemployment rate.

Divorce rate up for people aged 50 to 64

At one time, divorce among spouses over the age of 50 was considered so rare that, for all intents and purposes, it didn't happen. Of course, that was not exactly true, but it was the case that divorces between spouses aged 50 to 64 were much less common than they are now. Even as recently as 1990, divorces between spouses over the age of 50 made up only around ten percent of all divorces. Pittsburgh divorce attorneys have noted that by 2009, that same age group accounted for closer to 25 percent of all divorces.

Factors in a Pennsylvania child custody case, Part 2

In Part 1 of these posts, we started to examine some factors that parents should keep in mind when involved in a Pittsburgh child custody case. All too often, parents forget that their children were their highest priority when they began the divorce process. As the legal process drags on, it can be tempting to lash out at the other parent, but this is bound to have a negative effect on the custody case of the parent doing the lashing out. Here is the continuation of the list of things divorcing parents should keep in mind:

Factors in a Pennsylvania child custody case, Part 1

For divorcing parents, there is nothing that takes a higher priority in the divorce than the well-being of their children. Many parents, though, make serious mistakes in Pittsburgh child custody cases, either by their actions or inactions. For any parent who wants to ensure the best possible outcome for their child custody matter, they should keep in mind the following factors:

Grandparent rights debate heating up nationwide

Every parent has their own unique parenting style, however, many people when starting to raise a child look to their own parents, the child's grandparents, for advice and guidance on everything from diaper changing to discipline. Although grandparents can play an important role in raising a young child, some parent's don't want any interference from their child's grandparents. Is it their right to restrict access of grandparents to children? Grandparent rights are exactly what the U.S. Supreme Court will address this winter.

Staying sane during Pittsburgh divorce: control the things you can

Even when a Pittsburgh divorce is the right decision, the best option and the finalization of which you are looking forward to, it is a lot to handle. While making decisions about what you want in terms of custody, alimony and property, you still have to go to work, take care of the kids and do the household chores.

The holiday season after a Pennsylvania divorce, Part 2

In Part 1 of our discussion, we started to talk about the difficulties encountered by recently-divorced people during the holiday season. The holidays are a busy time already, and adding the stress and emotion of divorce to that mix can make the season unbearable. That is why it is important to step back at holiday time and watch out for one's own emotional well-being. Sometimes it is fun and maybe even important in some ways to celebrate the holidays at full tilt. However, the first holiday season after a divorce may not be that time.

The holiday season after a Pennsylvania divorce, Part 1

In many cases, a divorce is a stressful and traumatic time. Even in a "smooth" divorce, the experience of divorce is an emotional one. Throughout the legal process of a divorce, the divorcing spouses are often caught up in their disagreements, and have become focused on the next step in the legal process, and then the next one and the one after that. Before long, the attention that should have been paid to the individual's well-being has been taken up by the attention paid to the divorce process.

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