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Marriage and Divorce - Celebrate Individuality

As we continue to look at some keys in working toward a successful marriage that will avoid a marriage ending in divorce, remember, it is important that God must be given first place in our marriage because He is the one who came up with the institution of marriage.

Marriage and Divorce

Divorce is probably one of the most tumultuous experiences an individual can go through in their lives. Over the years I have seen it tear apart individual's psyche as they fight internal conflicting feelings of love, despair, confusion and even hate. I have found that there is no better Individual Counselor for a person going through a Divorce than Pastor Wilfred Joseph. Accordingly, I have asked Pastor Joseph to post blogs on my website. Feel free to read these articles in hopes that they can help you through these truly tumultuous times. The following is Pastor's first article. You can reach Pastor Joseph through my offices.


As a Pittsburgh family law attorney, more often than not, you see the worst parts of a couple's relationship. Helping clients cope with extramarital affairs and the aftermath can be a significant part of the job description depending on the circumstances surrounding a divorce. One of the most difficult points to make to a client whose spouse has had an affair is just how little that affair impacts their divorce.

Prenuptial Agreements, Custody & Child Support

A Prenuptial Agreement traditionally makes divorce and the equitable distribution of property much easier if the parties decided to make one prior to the marriage. As I have written before, the Agreement can resolve the vast majority of the issues facing the parties in a divorce including, but not limited to, how business interests will be divided, how to deal with retirement funds, who will be responsible for marital debt and the terms of alimony. However, if the parties have children, they could still face significant litigation.

Custody Order .vs. Informal Agreement...

When counseling clients during a divorce where children are involved, I am often asked whether or not the parents should put together a custody order to file with the Court. The answer I give the client is that it depends. The chief consideration when determining whether or not a formal custody order is needed rather than the parties simply making arrangements on their own is how well (or poorly) the parents communicate and work with one another. If the divorce is relatively amicable and the parties can come to an understanding regarding custody and are willing to be flexible, an informal agreement often works.

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