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September 2011 Archives

Reasons for divorce affect attitudes about saving the marriage

A recent survey of couples who had filed for divorce found that some of the respondents had an unexpectedly high rate of optimism that the marriage could be saved. Nearly a quarter of the respondents said that they thought reconciliation was possible. For 12 percent of the respondents, their spouse also said that it was possible they could reconcile.

Alimony reform could spread to Pennsylvania

When state governments begin to make big changes to their laws regarding alimony, it gets noticed in other states. Whether in Pennsylvania or other parts of the country, very few people are entirely satisfied with the way the spousal support system works. That is why reforms like those that recently passed in Massachusetts get so much attention. The new laws were signed by the governor earlier this week.

Divorce can result in hair loss, unless stress is handled properly

It seems supremely unfair that anyone who has gone through the trials of a divorce should also be at increased risk for hair loss, but that is exactly the conclusion that has been found by new research. Particularly for women, divorce was found to be one of the strongest predictors of midline (central) hair loss. What did the researchers believe was the reason for the connection? In a word: stress.

Child support arrears of $100,000 - for Congressman

Even if you are a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, judges expect you to show up for your child support hearings. They especially would like to see you if the purpose of the hearing is to discuss why you have not been paying your child support. That was the situation for one Congressman (not from Pennsylvania) who had a child support hearing last week. The Congressman allegedly owes more than $100,000 in back child support.

Failure to pay Pittsburgh child support could be dangerous

In this difficult economy, many parents are having trouble making child support payments. But the difficult economy makes it even harder for parents who count on receiving child support to provide for their children if payments are not made. The vicious cycle has led some authorities to move in the direction of more punishment for failure to pay child support, including jail time.

Next week McCourts to be in divorce court over spousal support

Many matters in a divorce are complex, and take some time to resolve. In many cases, where the values of assets and incomes are hard to determine, and the parties are not inclined to cooperate, the cases can seem to linger on and on. Such is the situation with L.A. Dodgers owners Frank and Jamie McCourt. The latest episode in their long-running divorce conflict involves spousal maintenance.

How to help children deal with their parents' divorce, Part 2

Yesterday's blog post began a discussion of how divorcing parents can help their children to be in the best possible position to survive the emotional trauma of divorce. Children are resilient, but they need the right atmosphere in which to fully adjust to the changes that come with divorce. 

How to help children deal with their parents' divorce, Part 1

Everyone needs help with something now and then. Adults who are getting divorced need support from friends, and in Pittsburgh they need assistance from an experienced Pennsylvania divorce attorney. But when parents get divorced, it is the children who need the most help of all, and they need it most from their parents. Children do not have the same experience dealing with adversity that adults do, and particularly with young children, they literally do not know how to react. It is well known that without guidance to the contrary, young children will blame themselves for their parents' divorce.

If divorcing, don't wait to take charge of personal finances

If you are getting divorced in Pennsylvania, a good first move would be to hire an experienced Pittsburgh divorce attorney. Doing so would take a lot of the pressure off of you, since a professional will be able to handle many of the details of the process, and guide you through many of the things that you need to do.

Details emerge of agreement in Mel Gibson child support case

Mel Gibson has been neck-deep in family law problems in the last year or two, but some of them appear to be reaching some resolution, at least for awhile. The Hollywood film star and award-winning director and producer has suffered some terrible setbacks to his public image, with the exposure of bigoted rants and of open conflict with his former girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva. But Gibson and Grigorieva appear to have reached an agreement on the terms of child support and child custody for their daughter, who is not yet two years old.

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