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August 2017 Archives

Criminal defense and the right to remain silent

Law enforcement officers and prosecutors are constantly looking for ways to build cases that leave them well positioned to obtain a conviction against an individual they believe has committed a crime. Although the law tries to strike a balance between protecting personal liberty and public safety, far too often overzealous police officers infringe on an individual's rights. When this happens, individuals can be wrongly accused and even wrongfully convicted, leaving them subjected to serious penalties.

Pittsburgh raid leads to prostitution charges

Pittsburgh residents who are slapped with criminal charges can find themselves afraid on many levels. They might be concerned about how the allegations will affect their reputation, but their primary concern may revolve around the potential penalties they could face if convicted. Depending on the crime at hand, a criminal conviction can result in prison time, significant fines and a mark on one's criminal record that can be hard to overcome, even after one pays his or her debt to society. With so much at stake, it only makes sense that these individuals would put forth the strongest criminal defense they can manage in hopes of avoiding some or all of these damaging penalties.

The remedies for contract breach

Whether one is buying real estate, entering into a business deal, or hiring an employee, a relationship exists. Contracts are an integral part of just about every major transaction. Generally speaking, a contract is an agreement to enter into a bartered exchange. Therefore, an offer must be made by one party, and that party must accept the offer in exchange for something else. Many individuals and businesses come to rely on the promises made in these situations, so anytime a party doesn't adhere to their end of the bargain, significant damages can be suffered. This failure to uphold an agreement is a breach.

Fighting to hold negligent truckers accountable

Recently, this blog discussed how semi-trucks need additional distance to come to a safe stop when compared to the stopping distances of passenger vehicles. This distance can be affected by a number of factors, including driver attentiveness and sobriety. Far too often, though, truckers are distracted, fatigued, intoxicated or otherwise negligent while behind the wheel. Even truck companies oftentimes fail to properly maintain their trucks and train their employees. Any one of these factors could cause a devastating truck accident that leaves a victim with serious injuries.

Mistakes to avoid when applying for a liquor license

If you are planning to own a business in Pennsylvania that serves and sells alcohol, you will need to get a liquor license. The application process may seem like it is an easy one. However, if you are not careful, you could make mistakes that prevent approval of your application. It is essential for you to lay the right foundation for your business to improve its chances for success. 

Contract breach and potential remedies

In many instances, in order for businesses to operate properly promises have to be made and kept. Because of this reality, many individuals and businesses find themselves relying on the promises of others. This is the basis of contracts. Most often, parties come together to barter over some sort of exchange, and their agreement is memorialized in writing. When the terms of a contract are broken, then a breach of the contract may have occurred. A breach can leave a party worse off than they were, which is why many breach of contract issues result in some sort of legal action.

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