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July 2012 Archives

Child Support - Who Pays When Each Parent is a Primary Custodian?

As a Pittsburgh divorce attorney, I occasionally encounter situations where divorced parents each have primary custody of one or more of their children. For example, maybe Dad has primary custody of his teenage son while Mom has primary custody of the three younger children. Although there isn't anything particularly remarkable about this custodial situation, the issue can become more complex when it comes to child support. When each parent is a primary custodian, who pays child support?

Divorce - Applying Lessons from the Godfather Movie - "Don't Let Them Know What Your Thinking"

Let's face it, sometimes divorces seem like scenes from Mario Puzo's epic- "The Godfather". Yes, maybe there is no bloodshed-like Sonny being riddled with bullets-or Clemenza choking Paulie to death from the back seat of the car-"don't forget the cannolis". But, it seems, at time, the hate between the warring Mafia families and the warring spouses is just as intense. Say what you will about the "Godfather" movie-whether you like it or not-there is much to be learned on how to handle yourself when the families are warring.

In A Divorce, Can the Insurance Providing Spouse Just Drop Your Medical Insurance?

With the skyrocketing cost of medical insurance coverage, I am getting more and more phone calls from divorcing individuals that are being prematurely dropped from their spouse's medical insurance before the divorce is finalized. This unilateral move, by the spouse paying for the insurance, is not acceptable to the courts for various reasons.

I've moved out, where's my security deposit?

One of the most common Property Law - landlord/tenant issues I run into as a Pittsburgh attorney occurs when a tenant moves out of a property and the landlord mishandles the security deposit. Residential landlords should be mindful of the Property Law - "Landlord and Tenant Act of 1951," which governs interactions between landlords and tenants. The act requires a landlord to provide a former tenant with an itemized list of any damages to the property that the landlord must now repair within 30 days of the end of the lease.

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