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Pennsylvania's resisting law enforcement law

The police are supposed to work to serve and protect the public. This means patrolling neighborhoods, upholding the law, and stopping crime in progress. As is the nature of their profession, officers sometimes become confrontation with individuals. While this is expected from time-to-time, in some instances it leads to scuffles that can result in an individual facing criminal charges even if he or she isn't accused of doing anything else wrong.

Domestic violence can be crucial in child custody cases

Domestic violence is one of those issues that most people are aware exists but fail to recognize its prevalence. There are likely thousands upon thousands of families in Pennsylvania where domestic violence and emotional abuse are a frequent occurrence. While these situations can obviously leave victims susceptible to serious harm, they can also pose a serious threat to any children who may be in the home.

The symptoms of traumatic brain injury

Many Pittsburgh-area residents who are injured as a result of the negligence of another are fortunate enough to escape with relatively minor injuries. These injuries may include scrapes, bruises or cuts. More moderate accidents leave victims suffering from broken bones and gashes that may require stitches. Although these injuries can be painful and take some time to recover from, they are not as serious as some of the most severe injuries, such as a traumatic brain injury.

Pastor's breach of contract case heads to court of appeals

Various documents are necessary in the workplace. Employment contracts can serve a very important purpose in the business world. On one hand, it can allow an employee to solidify his or her compensation and benefits, as well as the term during which he or she will be employed. On the other hand, a business can secure a strong candidate for a given period of time with protections in place to ensure that, even once the employment period runs its course, certain protections remain in place to protect the business's best interests.

Pennsylvania woman killed in pedestrian accident

Parking lots are the scene of many fender benders. Cars blindly pull out of parking spots only to be struck by oncoming vehicles. Others pull into parking lot lanes too quickly and too widely, causing them to strike vehicles traveling in the opposite direction. Fortunately, given the relatively slow speeds vehicles generally travel through parking lots, many of these wrecks merely result in minor property damage. However, despite these slow speeds, when these accidents involve pedestrians, the results can be deadly.

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