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Business law: the basics of franchising

There are a number of ways to start a new business. Some people take a unique idea or an old idea with a fresh twist and start their enterprise by building it from the ground up. Others, though, would rather jump into a business that is already reputable and has supply chains intact. For those in this latter group, franchising can be a great option.

Business formation types that limit personal liability

If you are a resident of Pennsylvania who is looking to establish your own business, you may be giving some close consideration to exactly what type of business structure you want to create. Different business structure types offer different benefits and drawbacks, but if minimizing the amount of personal liability you have in your business is a concern, you may find some structures more appealing than others.

Dealing with child custody issues? We may be able to help

Those facing family law issues can quickly find themselves upset and overwhelmed. This is understandable, as these matters are often charged with emotion. This can be especially true when children are involved. Marriage dissolution, or even the end of an unmarried relationship that had children, can lead to a fight over the establishment of custody. Even once custody is initially determined, certain issues can arise, justifying a child custody or visitation modification. One of these issues, as we have discussed previously on the blog, is substance abuse.

Can trespassers pursue a premises liability lawsuit?

We enter the property of others with little thought about what could happen while on that property. Premises liability is the legal theory where an individual who is injured by a dangerous property condition can recover compensation for his or her damages if certain legal elements are shown. For example, those who are invited onto the property of another must put forth evidence that they were in fact invited onto the property and that the property owner failed to identify and quickly remedy an existing hazard. Depending on the circumstances, it may also be necessary for an invitee to show that the property owner failed to warn of the hazardous condition.

What is a business plan?

The decision to start a business isn't one that should be taken lightly. Those who choose to engage in entrepreneurship often wind up putting their future and their finances on the line. When their businesses fail, their financial security and future can take a significant setback. This is why it is imperative for these individuals to engage in careful and thorough planning. By doing so, they may be able to create a sustainable and profitable business that can give them a sense of achievement of which they can be proud.

3 essential aspects of an employment contract

When you are looking to hire employees for your business, you should have an employment contract. A good contract will explain all the terms of employment clearly and protect you from liabilities. If you do not have a comprehensive contract, you may face lawsuits from your employees if something goes wrong. 

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