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July 2011 Archives

Many long-married couples have "fade away" divorces

Divorce is often thought of as something that young people go through. Young couples who get married before they really know each other or before they really understand what they are getting into find that they are unhappy with their marriages and get divorced.

Baseball owner McCourt asks for reduced spousal support

Spousal support is hard to pay and hard to try to live on, except maybe if both ex-spouses are multimillionaires. Even though "hardship" does not seem to be a word that applies in that case, when spousal support is being paid in the millions, there is plenty for the parties to fight over.

There are many possible child custody arrangements

Many parents who are splitting up would like to have a joint child custody arrangement, usually for the sake of the children. As opposed to the old way of doing things when judges tended to order primary custody for the mother, there is now a trend toward joint custody, if the court determines that such an arrangement is possible and in the best interests of the children.

Child custody and the battle between man's law and 'God's law'

Isabella Miller-Jenkins is the subject of an international manhunt. She was conceived via artificial insemination, and was born to a lesbian couple, Ms. Miller and Ms. Jenkins. Ms. Jenkins never formally adopted Isabella even though the couple was joined by a civil union in Vermont, so after the couple split in 2003, Jenkins and Miller became embroiled in a bitter child custody dispute.

Spouses who hide money issues from each other risk divorce

Most people, whether they live in Pittsburgh or anywhere else in the country, are willing to forgive a lot of faults that they perceive in their spouse. These could be little faults or big ones, but the bigger they get, the harder it is for an aggrieved spouse to overlook them. Infidelity is often cited as an example of a fault that is difficult to overlook. However, a problem that may be even more common, and cause the demise of more marriages, is keeping secrets about money. Some people call this "financial infidelity," in order to highlight how emotional the issue can be, and how seriously many people take it.

Property division mistakes can be very costly

Everyone makes mistakes. A lot of people make mistakes when they get divorced, or at least they worry that they do. Property division is a complex issue, regardless of the amount of marital property. It is easy to misconstrue details of a divorce settlement or the divorce decree. Courts aren't usually a good place to look for forgiveness for mistakes, but sometimes they will let small mistakes go, for the sake of moving a case forward.

Avoid pricy pitfalls and collateral costs in your divorce

Between separating from your spouse and dealing with your household and child support, you have enough on your mind during a divorce, you have enough on your mind. And stress on your wallet. An unnecessary, expensive bill is the last thing your family should have to deal with.

Pennsylvania seeks review of child custody system

What happens when divorcing parents can't decide on who will care for the children and there is a child custody battle? What happens if one parent accuses the other parent of posing a threat to the children? What happens when the State threatens to strip a parent of his or her parental rights?

Innocent ex allowed to keep fraudulently earned funds from divorce

For many couples in Pittsburgh, property division can be one of the most challenging parts of the divorce process. Couples work hard to build their estate and assets during marriage, and it's tough to watch everything get cut in half by a divorce judge.

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