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October 2018 Archives

Understanding commercial leases

Whether you are a Pennsylvania entrepreneur starting a new company or an established business owner seeking to expand, you likely will face the necessity of signing a commercial lease. As you know, few businesses operate out of premises they own, and instead  lease property out of which to conduct business.

Drug investigation results in more than 50 arrests

A sudden arrest for alleged criminal wrongdoing can turn your world upside-down. At one moment you might be going about your business as usual, and then you're being threatened with years of imprisonment and financially ruinous fines. Your reputation can also be irreparably damaged. This is the case for many Pittsburgh-area residents. Sadly, even when the evidence doesn't support the charges that have been brought against them, these accused individuals still have to put up a legal fight against over-zealous prosecutors and investigators.

A primer of equitable property division in divorce

It doesn't take someone experienced in the field of divorce to recognize that it is, in addition to an emotional process, a financial transaction. Marriage dissolution in Pittsburgh, in part, consists of dividing assets and debts in a way that is fair under the circumstances. This is commonly referred to equitable division of property. While this split is supposed to be fair, it does not have to be equal. Therefore, those thinking about divorce may need someone experienced in this field to help them better understand how to argue for property division that is fair to them.

Be prepared for the changing business landscape

As we discussed on a recent post to this blog, the digital age has reshaped the ways in which business is carried out. While this can make markets broader and communications more efficient, it can also make matters more confusing. In the world of business, misunderstandings and downright deceit can have enormous ramifications. Breached contracts can result in the loss of tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars and damage to an individual or a business's reputation.

What is involuntary manslaughter?

The unexpected death of an individual usually raises eyebrows. In many of these instances, people who are close to the deceased individual, as well as the police, often look to place blame on someone else. This can cause Pennsylvania residents to be charged with serious criminal offenses.

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