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November 2013 Archives

Overpayment of Child Support

Sometimes in child support cases, the payor ends up paying too much support over a period of time due to a clerical mistake or perhaps a garnishment of a Federal Income Tax return. As a result, there will be a surplus of support. However, the child support office will continue to withdraw the monthly support as scheduled. So what happens with that overpayment?

Marriage Settlement Agreements

When parties are contemplating a divorce and ask me what the process will be like, I always tell clients that there are two distinct paths that a case can take. The first path is litigation. In this situation, one side files the complaint and then the parties engage in discovery wherein the attorneys exchange information regarding the parties' assets and liabilities. Once this process is complete, the parties and their attorneys attend a pre-trial conference. If the matter can not be settled there, the Court schedules a trial and each side presents testimony and evidence in order to prove how the assets should be divided and what amount, if any, of alimony is appropriate.

Marriage and Divorce - Key Points When Communicating

In my recent blogs regarding Marriage & Divorce, I have been dealing with the importance of communication to a successful marriage and pointed that in defining communication as an art. therefore, there are a number of key points that must be observed for successful communication.

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