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October 2011 Archives

Pittsburgh divorce expectations may not match reality, Part II

In the last post, we started to talk about the often-disappointing realities of divorce-related decisions made by Pennsylvania courts, and how the courts' decisions may not correspond to the reality that the divorcing spouses know.

Pittsburgh divorce expectations may not match reality, Part I

Most divorces have negative consequences, emotionally and financially. For the majority of people contemplating divorce, these costs are to be expected. What makes divorce even worse for many people is that the courts do not look at the facts of the marriage and the divorce in the same way that the divorcing spouses do. In other words, the reality of the situation does not match what the court seems to see and what the court decides to do.

Divorce in Pennsylvania and our economic hard times

With our current economic situation, there's a good reason why anyone contemplating divorce should hire an experienced Pennsylvania divorce attorney. One Pennsylvania woman, who considers herself to be luckier than most, had to move into a smaller house, pay her own mortgage while trying to support her three children, and also pay the tuition for her daughter's college education. Such situations can be extremely stressful under the best of situations.

McCourts reach property division settlement worth millions

Even in Pittsburgh, the story of the divorce between the owners of the L.A. Dodgers Major League Baseball club has been making the news (including this blog). Frank and Jamie McCourt have been in the divorce process now for three years, and are said to have paid millions in legal fees. Most people would never have such a drawn-out process or ever come close to paying so much in fees in a divorce case. However, the McCourts have more than the average person when it comes to marital assets to fight over. They have hundreds of millions of dollars at stake in their property division.

Valuation date can have a big effect on PA property division

For couples facing divorce in Pittsburgh, there are already enormous emotional burdens to deal with. It can be overwhelming to think of all of the financial details that need to be attended to in a divorce, especially if a divorcing spouse does not have an experienced property division attorney.

Changes in Pennsylvania child custody laws can affect rulings

New child custody laws have been in effect for Pennsylvania residents for most of 2011, and the changes have already changed the course of many Pittsburgh child custody cases. The changes to court procedure and parental rights are largely intended to protect the emotional well-being of the children involved.

Is it possible that Pittsburgh would allow temporary marriages?

The precise plan may not spread to Pittsburgh anytime soon, but in an attempt to spare people the hassle and heartache of divorce, some Mexico City authorities have proposed a novel plan - two year marriage contracts. According to the assemblyman who introduced the bill, the idea is a reflection of reality. Of the 33,000 marriages that took place in that city during the past two years, nearly half have already ended in divorce.

Bad economy making divorce harder than usual

Divorce is always difficult, but in these extremely rough economic conditions, divorce is becoming even more difficult. Divorcing spouses in Pittsburgh and in other locations across the country are finding that they are having more difficulties in divorce, whether the issue is child support, spousal support or property division. Where once spouses had to divide their assets, now they are ever more frequently dividing not assets, but debts.

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