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July 2019 Archives

How to modify child support or child custody when needed

The family law process serves as a resource to help parents work out child support and child custody concerns. The family law process can both help parents establish child support and a child custody arrangement and can also help them modify child support and child custody when needed.

Employment contract basics and what to do during a dispute

There are a variety of important goals for an employment-related contract, including that it protects the employer and the employer's business and creates a positive work environment for the employee. Because of the importance of an employment contract, employers should understand how to structure an employment contract and the employment law resources available to help.

Hidden assets can complicate the property division process

Divorce is already a difficult process, but when one spouse decides to play the game unfairly, it can add another layer of complication. One of the most frequent ways that people are unfair in their divorces is when they try to hide assets. They often do this in an effort to get revenge, act out against the other person or simply gain a financial advantage during the divorce. 

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