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November 2012 Archives

Pro Se Divorce

Earlier this month, the Texas Supreme Court approved a set of pro se divorce forms for indigent couples with no real property. The purpose of these forms is to provide poor couples without children or real property the option to secure a divorce without retaining attorneys. The court "is confident that these forms will be a useful tool in addressing the burgeoning population of litigants who cannot afford representation and are unable to obtain representation through a legal service provider."

Child Support Contempt

Parents with partial custody often approach me with questions about how to handle providing money to the other parent when there is a child support obligation. Often, not only does the obligor owe money via the court order, he or she gets pressure from the parent with primary custody to provide extra money or items to provide for the child. Although any well meaning parent would want to provide as much as possible for his or her child, sometimes financial constraints dictate that he or she can only contribute so much. Therefore, how should the parent go about providing for his or her child in that situation?

The Significance of "Status Quo" on Custody Cases

There is nothing more contentious in family law than the child custody case. Mothers generally, but not always, have primary physical custody of the children, and Fathers, generally, want more time with the kids. Theoretically, the Courts would like all custody time to be split 50% / 50%, as all kids' need a father's and mother's influence. The problem is, that because of logistical reasons, or facts particular to a case, 50% / 50% is not feasible. So many times the split is not equal. So, who gets the kids then and how do the Courts determine the split.

Basic Child Support

As a family law attorney, some of the most common questions I deal with address child support. Specifically, non-custodial parents often ask, "Why do I owe so much money in support?" The short answer, of course, is because the Court has determined that the child or children are entitled to that amount of money for their benefit. However, this answer is not usually satisfactory and typically results in the parent saying something to the effect of, "Well, my ex just keeps the money and doesn't even use it on my child/children."

Public Drunkenness - What is the Law?

With football season in full swing, every week fans are cited by the police for various infractions at and around the stadium. One of the most common citations received by tailgaters is Public Drunkenness and Similar Misconduct. A person is guilty of this offense if he appears in any public place under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance to the degree that he may endanger himself or other people or property, or annoy people in his vicinity.

Relocation after a Divorce - How Do I Handle Child Custody?

Moving your family is a stressful and complicated event even with an intact family. However, relocating can become even more difficult following a divorce when there is a custody order in place. As of January 24, 2011 Pennsylvania's new Child Custody Law went into effect and introduced new requirements with regard to a custodian's relocating.

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