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The pros and cons of partnerships

Before a business can get up and running in Pennsylvania, many important decisions must be made. Amongst those decisions is the one regarding the structure that the business will take. There are often advantages and disadvantages to each, and fully understanding them is imperative to making the right decision.

Drowsy driving can be just as dangerous as drunk driving

Thanks to public service initiatives, laws and tragic stories, Pennsylvanians are well aware of the dangers posed by drunk driving. These motorists can see their driving skills severely diminished as reaction time slows, the ability to multitask is impaired and maintaining a lane becomes extremely difficult. As dangerous as drunk driving is, though, it is not the only form of dangers driving. In fact, drowsy driving can post just as significant of a risk.

We can help address numerous paternity issues

Unmarried Pennsylvanians who see their relationship with their significant come to an end can find themselves facing similar, if not identical, family law issues as those who go through a divorce. When it comes to one of these issues, though, there can be some significant differences. Whereas paternity is assumed when a child is born during the course of a marriage, paternity must be established for those children who are born out of wedlock. By establishing paternity, often by signing a paternity affidavit, a man can establish a legal relationship with his child.

What is the exclusionary rule and how can it be helpful?

Criminal prosecutions are often based on evidence that is collected during the execution of a search warrant. Although the police certainly have the right to request a search warrant, certain requirements must be met before it can be determined that a search warrant can be legally issued. After all, the U.S. Constitution protects citizens' rights to unreasonable searches and seizures. When issues arise related to search warrants, accused individuals need to do everything they can to protect their legal rights. If they don't, they may put their freedom in jeopardy.

Is it better to mediate or litigate business disputes?

As a Pittsburgh area entrepreneur, you probably have yet to learn that disputes and disagreements happen all the time. It is important for you to learn proper methods of resolution to mitigate the need for litigation. In some business disagreements, it is possible to resolve them without racking up the legal expenses. Quick dispute resolutions are not ideal, although they can and do happen. Most business disagreements take a fair amount of time to settle. 

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